Saturday, April 21, 2018

Join Us On April 26 at 11:00am CST For A Special Poem In Your Pocket Event With Mrs. P!

One of the best traditions we have for Poem In Your Pocket Day is celebrating with our friend Mrs. P. 

This year we are very excited to announce that we will be celebrating on April 26 at 11:00am CST with Mrs. P and school libraries around the world...and we invite you to join along!  

At 11:00am CST on April 26, just click on the window above in this Buncee.  It will take you to the LIVE YouTube event with Mrs. P.  You can also click here for the event. 
Also, on this day (or anytime next week), your students can share with Mrs. P and others around the world by adding to the Poem In Your Pocket Flipgrid that you will find here.

We can't wait to celebrate Poem In Your Pocket Day with all of you.  Remember to help your students, teachers and community get their poems ready and in their pockets too. 

Week 4 of School Library Month & the Making Global Connections At Your School Library Collection!

As we celebrate week four and the last week of School Library Month, let's focus on the very special topic of Making Global Connections at Your School Library!  

This year the theme for School Library Month is Making Connections at Your School Library, which brings together four special weeks of School Library Month sub-themes including:
  • Making Learner Connections 
  • Making Educator Connections 
  • Making Community Connections 
  • Making Global Connections
As we kick off Week 4 of School Library Month, let's take a closer look at Making Global Connections at Your School Library....
with lots of ideas, resources and the Making Global Connections Collection by Destiny this week!  

As the AASL School Library Month site states, 

Librarians are encouraged to host events and activities that will help their school and local community celebrate the essential role that strong school library programs play in transforming learning.  
You will find lots of ideas for elementary, middle and high school activities here from the School Library Month Committee. 
Also, think about how the Cultivates Community Partnership wedge of the Future Ready Librarian framework fits into this week of School Library Month.  
This is such an important pieces of the framework, especially as it supports partnerships with not only the school and local community, but with the global community too.  

By creating and cultivating global partnerships within the library and school community, you will take the walls down and let the world in for rich, meaningful and once-in-a-lifetime learning opportunities and celebrations.
Also, this week my friend and amazing school librarian Michelle Cooper will be sharing with all of us in the special AASL webinar, Making Global Connections At Your School Library on April 24 at 6:00pm CST.

You can register for this free webinar here. I will add it to the Collection for Week 4. 
I have included all four of the Collections I created for the four special weeks of School Library Month in the Celebrate AASL's School Library Month in April Collection that you will find here

I hope you having a wonderful School Library Month, friends.  Thank you for checking out our Making Global Connections Collection too.  

Please let me know what else we should add or if you'd like to become a collaborator. I'd love to have you help and add your ideas too. 

Friday, April 20, 2018

Let's Celebrate Poem In Your Pocket Day Around The World With Flipgrid, Buncee and Mrs. P!

One of the best days during Poetry Month every April is the day we celebrate Poem In Your Pocket Day.  

This is the day that everyone keeps a poem in their pocket and pulls it out throughout the day to read and share with others.  The poem can be an original poem, favorite poem or any other poem each person picks.  

Poem In Your Pocket Day is a day to not only celebrate poetry, but a day to celebrate bringing together everyone in your community to create, read and share something meaningful and fun.  
This year as we get ready to celebrate with several classrooms around the world and our friend Mrs. P, Andy Plemmons and I thought it would be exciting to create a Flipgrid so we could share the poems in our pockets with others around the world.  

We will be sharing a Google Hangout link soon so all of you can join our celebration with Mrs. P!  
You will find the Let's Share The Poems In Our Pockets Flipgrid here

I also wanted to share the link for Poem In Your Pocket Day from the Academy of American Poets.  
They have even provided a guide on the site is filled with ideas, resources and poems to use on this wonderful day. 
One of my favorite places to create poetry is in Buncee and it is the perfect place to write and illustrate the poems for our pockets too.  You will find lots of ideas in this Buncee.

You can go to to have your students create their very own Poem In Your Pocket Buncee's for the day.  It would even be fun to print these off and they can show them while recording in Flipgrid too.

We hope you join us friends as poems from pockets are being shared around the world next week.  Let's see how many we can add to our Flipgrid for this very special poetry celebration.