Saturday, August 19, 2017

It's Here...PebbleGo Next Social Studies For Grades 3-5 Research, Exploration and Fun!

One of my favorite places to send students and teachers to for their research needs, learning and personal exploration is PebbleGo and PebbleGo Next. Using these two databases in the library and through collaboration with teachers, PebbleGo helped us turn our students into researchers full of curiosity and a passion for exploration, learning and research.  

For those of you who haven't seen PebbleGo, let me give you a little background. 
Capstone started by creating PebbleGo.  It is the only database designed for preK-3 and now consists of 6 databases, including one in Spanish. One of the things I love most about PebbleGo is the read-aloud audio for every curriculum-connected articles and a selection of videos.  
A few years ago, Capstone introduced PebbleGo Next for older students in grades 3-6.  While it shares the read-aloud audio and easy visual navigation, it is clearly designed for older students with more detail and depth of information in the topics and articles included.  

And last week Capstone released the newest member of the PebbleGo databases!  
It is PebbleGo Next Social Studies and includes topics from examining world cultures, global issues, geography, technology, society, capitals and so much more.  It is going to make such an impact on our students, librarians and teachers as it fulfills not only research needs, but also has been designed around the curriculum and standards.

Let's take a closer look at the different topics within PebbleGo Next Social Studies.
The first is Culture which includes one of my favorite places to go in PebbleGo Next....Examining World Cultures.  
Within Examining World Cultures, students will be able to explore so many different topics around the world.  
As I looked around, the Food article caught my attention.  
We have been getting ready to kick off a Global Buncee Cookbook Project so this would be a perfect place to send our students as they research food around the world.  
You can read more about the Buncee project and how to get involved here.  
 You also find the topics of Economics, 
 Fields of Study, 
 Technology and Society, 
 and The United States.  
Here is a detailed article list to show what you will find under each main topic area.  
Within each article, Capstone has included read-aloud audio, easy visual navigation, images and videos.
 At the top of the article, you will also find a Dictionary, Activity and Citation button.  
 You can look up words in the dictionary and even hear the pronunciation.
 When creating a citation of the article, APA, MLA and CMS can be selected....
 and printed too.
 There are always a few Related Articles for each too.
My students always loved the educational games included in PebbleGo.  Capstone has included these in PebbleGo Next too.

These are located at the bottom of the page.  They just have to click on Games...
 and the four Social Studies Games pop up.
Hagan and I gave Social Studies Zoom a try.  It was really fun to guess the different images.
Another fun place for students to go and participate in is Question of the Day.  After voting they can...
 even see what others are voting for too.
For librarians and teachers, the Teacher Resources are amazing!  These are located at the bottom of the page in the right hand corner.
In the Teacher Resources, you will find National Standards, 
Lesson Plans and lots of helpful Reproducibles including... 
 awesome PebbleGo Next Bookmarks,
 and a card which shows the Master Capstone Login information.
If you click on Resource Documents, you will also find the article document from above and a few more helpful documents too.

As you see, PebbleGo Next Social Studies brings so many special things to your library, classrooms and most of all to your students.  It is the perfect next step in research and connecting to all of these social studies topics. 

And this year, I hope you give it a try and is becomes the perfect place for your students too. 
You can find out more about PebbleGo Social Studies here

Friday, August 18, 2017

4 Library Skills Videos To Use As You Kick Off The Year!

As school starts, we are looking for ways to welcome our students to the library and I have four videos that will help you do just that!

In fact, you will be able to use them all throughout the year as you teach important library skills to your students.

They are the videos that go along with my new Library Skills series from Cantata Learning with Emily Arrow singing all four.
They can be found on the Cantata Learning YouTube Channel with all of the other stories and songs from Cantata Learning. In fact, this it the sixth season for Cantata!  

You and your students can sing along to Find a Book, 
Manners in the Library, 
Staying Safe Online and...
...Fiction and Nonfiction.  
You can also find the Library Skills Series on the Cantata Learning site here
The music, lyrics, sheet music and even the instrumental version of each song are included for each.
There is always something to sing, dance and learn on the Cantata Learning YouTube Channel.

You can subscribe here today and make your library loud all year long!

Personalize Your Collections With Your Image & Profile Information

We can now personalize our Collections in Destiny Discover from Follett even more by adding a little profile image and information.  

And it is super easy to do!
Click on your Profile in the top right hand corner.  Before you add an image, it is just a generic little circle.

Then click on the blue My Profile.   
This will open up your Profile page where you can make a few changes including About, Interests, Subjects and....
 your profile image.  You can upload an image like I did with mine or....
...add a Sticker or...
...Emoji.  And at the bottom, you can even add your email, which is handy when people want to easily get in touch about a Collection.

As everyone starts using Collections, this is just one more way that we can give them a little personal touch and collaborate with one another.

You can read all about Collections from Follett here in this post too.

3 Back to School Activities From Storyboard That!

As we kick off a new school year, check out all of these awesome ideas from Storyboard That!
You will find the post Back to School With Storyboard That filled with lots of back to school activities and ideas.  

I love the Summer Reading Project idea!  
With the Six Thinking Hats in the Classroom you can get your students to focus on a specific type of thinking at the same time.  What a powerful way to kick off a new year and then use these all year long. 
And of course we all need Icebreakers and Storyboard That has several awesome ones including Have Learned, Will Learn and Want To Learn.  
These ideas are just three of the dozens of wonderful Teacher Resources from Storyboard That.  

You will find a huge variety of plot diagrams, timelines, character maps, graphic organizers, storyboard templates and much more on their Teacher Resources page here

Take a look through these teacher guides and lesson plans for History, Science, Elementary Classroom, STEM Special Education, Middle School ELA and so much more. 

And let's keep sharing our ideas on how we are using Storyboard That in the classroom and library too.